RubyOffRails is now Open Source

May 29, 2014

When I started RubyOffRails, it was to get people to learn Ruby as well as learning Rails. I think, to a large part, I’ve accomplished my goals with the project. Over 400 people have taken my courses (email and video), and I think it’s time to let more people learn.

I’ve had a grand ole time with Ruby Off Rails, it’s led to me teaching Ruby and Rails at The Iron Yard in Houston.

Open Source Curriculm

I’ve open-sourced the curriculum under a non-commercial creative-commons license.

Ruby Off Rails is a set of videos, each about an hour, of live coding a solution using Ruby. Students are then asked to take that code further, using techniques we learned in the video. The videos have errors, mispellings, and frustrations: because #real-world-programming.

What does this mean for current subscribers? I wrote you a note on GroupBuzz about how to get me to review your code. Everybody else: I recommend you check out other student’s submissions if you get stuck. There are no solutions provided, because in real life there are a million different ways to solve problems, and you won’t always have a solution.

Your Code Should

With that in mind, your code should:

If those are true, and you get the job done, CONGRATS.


Why am I doing this? I’m hoping to give back to the community that gave me so much. The Ruby and Rails community is the greatest tech community in the world, amazing me day after day.

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